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Tree Removal

Do You Have A Damaged Or Dying Tree?

Are you worried one might fall on your home? If so, then you’ll want it removed in the best and most efficient way possible.

At Dolce’s Tree Service, we have the staff & equipment to get the job done quickly.

Our spider lift allows us to have access to tall trees in tight places. Its small footprint also means fewer marks on your lawn..

Our crane service allows us to remove trees that have grown over your home and can’t be safely removed any other way.

Will There Be Any Safety Issues?

You’ll never have to worry about your safety (or ours). We are fully insured and carry workman’s comp on all our employees. Our equipment is also fitted with reliable safety measures.

Proof of insurance and workman’s comp can be provided upon request during our consultation. Just ask us when you call to schedule our visit.

What Will Be Left Where My Tree Was Removed?

That’s up to you! We can leave the stump or grind it out, remove stump grindings and even re-seed the area.

If you decide to have the stump ground as part of your tree removal process, we will properly grind your stump.

We will:

Grind more than just the surface roots.

Grind enough for future re-planting (if desired).

Leave no pieces of the stump sticking up.

What Will My Lawn Look Like After The Tree Removal?

We strive to leave as few traces as possible that we were ever on your lawn.

We typically put down protective matting before starting most jobs.

We clean up when we’re done.

We haul away the wood, chip up limbs, and rake chippings/leaves.

How Long Will It Take To Remove My Tree?

Our crew will get the job done in the quickest and safest amount of time possible. Most of our jobs are completed in one day.

Ben Jessica

Dolce's have done a great job yet again for us! They have been caring for our little forest for over 5 years. We had a new roof put on this spring so they came to trim overhanging branches, and remove a massive tree too near the house. They are hard workers, quick, courteous, and always a pleasure to work with. They do a great job caring for the health of our trees, as well as protecting our property and family when it's time for a tree to come down. THANK YOU DOLCE'S!!

Ken Prendergast

We have used Dolce's Tree Service twice over the past two years and highly recommend them. Their professionalism is outstanding. They took out 5 trees the first time and 20 trees the second. Six of the trees were about 100 feet tall and within a couple of feet of our house and garage. Watching them take out those trees without any damage to the house was incredible. The clean up after the tree removal was equally impressive. They picked up all the branches and raked the area. If you are looking for quality tree removal at reasonable prices, this is the company to call.

Justin Droll
Bill Bowin

Almost anyone can trim trees but Dolce's has arborists on staff who know the right branches to remove to maximize the life and health of the tree. Aaron and his crew were great to work with. They had the right gear (a spider lift) and completely cleaned up after the trimming was done. They're a great team.

Destiny Burge
Jessica Steele

Dolce's just finished their 2nd round at our home for this fall/ winter season. We are so grateful for their professionalism, knowledge, willingness to teach & educate us, and efficiency in taking our trees down. They sure know this business! We had ~13 dead ash trees removed, a beautiful Oak tree trimmed up (it had a lot of dead wood), among other tasks. Two Ash trees were very close to our home & they took them down without any problems to any buildings or power lines. Our property is much safer & more beautiful now! We are ready for heavy winter snow storms. Thanks Dolce's! We will definitely be calling them back for future tree work. We have about an acre of land w/ a tree every 20 feet any which way you walk. We have been thoroughly impressed with Dolce's. They may not be the cheapest, but they are the BEST in town!

David McClure

Great people doing an awesome job! Very knowledgeable with fast friendly service!

John Tyree

Always been extremely satisfied with their services...

Kristie W

Hands down the best tree cutting service around. Customer service is superb, honest people and amazing work ethic which is very hard to come by these days. I would recommend Dolce’s any day of the week!


This past Sunday i noticed that our very large and very old abortive was totally infested with bag worms and was turning brown. There was no way I could treat it myself. I contacted two companies that serviced where I live. Only one called me back the next day...Dolce's! They came out that very day and saved my tree from being eaten alive! You can not beat service like that! They will be the only one's I call in the future!

Robert Dunlap
Brandon Bouquet

I have used Dolce’s on several occasions and no matter what they never disappoint. I have trees that I have treated for disease every single year and also have had 2 very very large trees removed. Very professional. Lori in the office is so helpful and all the workers are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend!!

Garyt Keene
Carol Lester

What a great place to do business with. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable.

Steve Oster

Dolce Tree Service has been wonderful to work with. They took the time to look at my trees, discuss which ones needed some work and gave me a good estimate before they began work. I wondered what types of trees were on my property and he took the time to walk around and give me a quick education on everything in my woods. When they came on sight, they were professional, quick, cleaned up their mess and made my yard look amazing. THANK YOU! I would highly recommend them! They also give back to the community!

Jeremy Chance

Just yesterday, we had a branch, larger than most trees, fall and crush our fence. Unfortunately, the tree that the branch fell from was weakened by the loss of the branch and the whole thing had to come down. This tree was massive. On top of that, it grew right between our home and the neighbors. It was very hard to get to, and in hindsight, I think only Dolce's was equipped to handle such a challenge. Two cranes, and a ton of work later, the tree is gone and my family is safe once again. Thank you Dolce's!!! You really went above and beyond yesterday. We greatly appreciate it.

Sharla Lechner

Had a wonderful time at their Maple syrup tour. They did an excellent job of teaching and engaging the kids, letting them help tap a tree! We could watch them boiling down sap in the sugar shack, taste the syrup (with pancakes and sausage), and enjoy the ambiance of the trapper house. In the store they had samples of their maple candy, bourbon maple syrup, and jerky. All were so delicious we had to get some to take home. They also had maple syrup cotton candy! Our girls loved it! So family friendly. Just wonderful people sharing their passion with others. Be sure to dress for the weather though, it'll improve your experience.

Casey Cook

I'm very happy! Your people did an absolutely phenominal job today! I'm proud to support and spread the word!

Curt Balas

Excellent service from start to finish. There was not a stick left on the ground. I appreciate the manner in which they handled the job. Thank you!

Nancy Jones
Karen Pugh



Very professional , cleaned up all of mess, super nice people. I give them a 10 star!!! Thanks guys!!!!

Cindy Blackwell Ling

starting with the first call, we were happy that the call was answered right away and had an estimate right away. They did the job in a very timely manner! They did an excellent job from beginning to end and cleaned up after they were done!! we highly recommend this company!

Fully Insured

Liability & Worker's Comp Insurance

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