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Certified Arborist – Why Hire One In The First Place?

“Is it really necessary to hire a certified arborist?”“Isn’t certification just a license to charge more for the same exact work as another company?” Those are very common questions. But consider this, “Is it really necessary to hire a licensed electrician?” Chances are your answer to that question is undoubtedly “Yes!” You wouldn’t dare hire an unlicensed electrician …

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Dolce’s Sugar House Maple Madness Tour 2015

Join us Saturday March 14 and/or Saturday March 21 from 9am to 3pm! You’re invited to join us for the 2015 Ohio Maple Madness Driving Tour! Dolce’s is one of 45 stops throughout Ohio. You may have seen us featured in the Heart of Ohio Magazine last year. This is Dolce’s second year on the …

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Dolce’s Tree Service Gears Up for Maple Month in Ohio

We’re very excited about this year’s Maple Madness® Drive-It-Yourself Tour! With spring just around the corner, it is an opportunity to get out and explore Ohio’s beautiful countryside and have a sweet family adventure. Many locals don’t know this, but it is only around the Great Lakes and eastern Canada that pure maple syrup can …

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Fall Color Display: No More Cover-Up

The spectacular color displays observed in autumn in Ohio is actually a sugar related cover-up. We enjoy stunning exhibits of a variety of colors from deciduous plants in the eastern United States; only Japan, the British Isles, west central Europe and eastern China have similar, but muted displays. Reds (sumac, maples, Virginia creeper, poison ivy), …

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Winter Is a Good Time to Prune

Most skilled arborists prefer pruning when trees are dormant. With no leaves on the tree, the arborist is better able to evaluate the tree’s architecture and spot dead and diseased branches. In addition, since the ground is frozen, damage to the turf underneath the tree due to falling limbs and tire tracks is negligible. This …

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