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Look No Further: Discover Dolce’s Sugar Shack

If you’re looking for something to do with your family or classroom this fall or winter that is educational, fun, interesting, unique and perhaps best of all, free, then look no further. Make plans to visit Dolce’s Sugar Shack.

Nestled in the woods just a few hundred feet from our office is a large rustic appearing two-room structure Leonard Dolce built as a place to escape with his family and friends and to house his maple syrup evaporator. The sugar shack, which appears as though it would belong on the set of “Little House On The Prairie,” is heated by a wood burning stove and furnished with bent hickory furniture. The rough lumber walls are a great backdrop for Leonard’s display of old traps and collectables. And, for those in need of a nap after a warm cup of cider or cocoa by the fire, one corner of the cabin is lined with bunk-beds.

Though just a few years old, the sugar shack has become a popular place with area schools as a fun field trip destination. Although the processing of maple syrup is a seasonal event (typically late winter/early spring), the sugar shack is an ideal year-round setting when studying about trees and their benefits or even how early Americans lived. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule a time for your visit!

Fully Insured

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